Laboratory Charge Analyzer Helps Save Time and Money

A WTP in North Carolina recently reduced their coagulant feed from 30 ppm to less than 10 ppm after purchasing and installing a Streaming Current Monitor (SCM) and Coagulant Charge Analyzer (CCA).  Prior to their purchase the plant ran numerous jar tests to determine optimum coagulant dose, but ultimately based their target dosage largely on plant history.  The plant would never reduce their coagulant dose below 24 ppm due to the concern of potential turbidity spikes in their source water, and the anticipated time it would take for the plant to recover from a turbidity excursion....

Not Just Streaming Current Measurement Anymore

Working closely with a major municipality in the southeast, Chemtrac, Inc. compared their new line of coagulation control instrumentation against their tried and proven Streaming Current Controller (which has been in use at this specific plant for the past couple of years).  Utilizing a Chemtrac HydroACT multi-parameter analyzer, they monitored streaming current, as well as key aspects of the raw water: turbidity, pH, and UV 254 organics....

DPD and HydroACT Comparison

DPD colorimetric measurement is highly regarded among municipalities as the preferred method for on-line chlorine analysis.  Recently however, EPA Method 334.0 established the criteria for approving alternative on-line chlorine instrumentation including amperometric probes.   Potential customers need to be aware that not all  amperometric probes perform acceptably under Method 334.0 standards.   HydroACT amperometric probes distinguish themselves among the rest by employing a patented and proven technology of a buffered electrolyte.   This technology permits HydroACT probes to operate over a much broader pH range and still provide reliable chlorine readings.  To demonstrate how their chlorine analyzer compares to on-line DPD measurement, Chemtrac partnered with several municipalities to pr...

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