South Carolina Water Treatment Plant benefits financially from Chemtrac Training

A water treatment plant in Batesburg-Leesville, SC sponsored a Chemtrac Technical Training Program on April 10, 2014, for all operators and maintenance personnel.  Mark Vandiver, Chemtrac, Inc. conducted the training.
A newly purchased Chemtrac SCM2500 Streaming Current Monitor (SCM) aids plant operators in determining the optimum coagulant dosages. And their lab pH meter helps determine the amount of caustic required for pH control.

“Mark’s approach and knowledge of the streaming current process along with the hands-on training was instrumental in stowing confidence in the water plants’ operations staff.  Now the SCM monitor is one of our primary operating tools for chemical feed equipment operations and plant flow adjustments as well.”

Mark discussed plant goals and objectives with Tim Schumpert, Plant Manager, prior to the event in order to customize the training for the plant’s needs.  During’ the training, Mark discussed jar testing, chemical feed, raw water flow control, streaming current measurement, coagulation optimization, operation and maintenance of the SCM, troubleshooting, and cleaning for the SCM sensor.
After the training, operators were more comfortable with the data from their SCM, turbidity monitor, and pH analyzer, and how they all worked together for daily operation.  Slowly, operators started reducing the amount of alum and caustic used based on current instrument readings and historical data.  After six months, the plant has realized a 35 to 40 percent savings in alum, and a 15 to 20 percent savings in caustic.  The plant has also benefited from the reduction of sludge, as well as form better filter runs provided by chemical optimization.

Chemtrac has obtained state approval for operator recertification points for most locations, and will gladly help tailor a class that suits your plant needs. If you have further questions, please contact Mark Vandiver, Manager of Market Development, at 800-442-8722.

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