WTP Recognizes Immediate Savings with the SCM

Many water treatment operators consider the Streaming Current Monitor to be the most important analyzer in the plant. It alerts them to changing source water conditions (turbidity, organics), allowing for spontaneous necessary adjustments in chemical feed.

A new manager at a Kentucky water treatment plant was concerned about fluctuating turbidities in the river, and the resulting high chemical costs associated with inefficiently treating the water. He knew that optimizing the coagulation process was critical in achieving the desired level of turbidity removal while minimizing chemical costs. Having had previous experience using a streaming current monitor (SCM), he believed that introducing that technology to the plant could be of great value to his new employer.
Soon after he arrived, the new manager recommended purchasing a Chemtrac HydroACT Analyzer with a DuraTrac 4 Streaming Current Sensor. Upon its installation, the plant recognized immediate results. The SCM provided the operators with real-time data, allowing them to adjust the chemical feed rates on the fly. This ultimately led to a significant reduction in chemical costs while achieving the desired high water quality level for their customers.

Listen to the manager tell the story in a new testimonial video.

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