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Since 1985, Chemtrac, Inc. has been a leading manufacturer of process monitoring and control instruments used in water, wastewater, and other industrial processes. However, the company’s reputation and growth have been built around one mission – “RESULTS for the customer”. This will never change. We understand that our success depends on meeting and exceeding our customer's expectations. With defined objectives and joint commitments, we will achieve the results you want.

Featured Products

Multiparameter Analyzer


The HydroACT analyzer offers a wide range of customizable capabilities to suit any user’s requirements: from a basic analyzer with a single sensor and analog output, to a more ...

Particle Counter


The PC3400 is the first Particle Counter designed for use in drinking water treatment plants which has truly made the calibration process uncomplicated for the end user.

Streaming Current Detector

HydroACT with DuraTrac 4

The HydroACT Analyzer with DuraTrac 4 Streaming Current Sensor is Chemtrac’s most reliable and accurate Streaming Current Monitor, providing unique and versatile capabilities for optimizing coagulant...

Portable Organics Monitor


The UVP1000 portable UV254 monitor can quickly and accurately test UV 254nm in the field within minutes. The meter can provide test results in both UV transmittance (UVT) and UV absorbance (UVA). 

Latest News

Case Study: Reagent-less Chlorine Analyzers

Case Study: Reagent-less Chlorine Analyzers

The City of King Water Treatment Facility is a conventional water treatment plant located in Tobaccoville, NC. The plant treats up to 3 million gallons per day of Yadkin River water, and has inground storage tanks, onsite and at the booster station, totaling 6 million gallons.

Got Chlorine?

Got Chlorine?

Whether you need to monitor chlorine in a municipal water treatment plant, or in a pool or spa, or in an industrial setting, the Chemtrac Residual Chlorine Analyzers offer very accurate, stable, and versatile solutions. No Reagents. No pH compensation. No monthly maintenance. No doubt a chlorine analyzer to consider.

Streaming Current Detector Calibration?

Streaming Current Detector Calibration?

There are no true “standards” for calibrating Streaming Current Detectors (SCD).  However, there are reliable and proven verification methods that can be used to check how effectively the SCD is working, and provide a basis for adjusting the instrument’s gain setting so as to maintain consistent and repeatable responses to changes in water quality and coagulant dosage.


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