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HydroACT Multi-Parameter Analyzer

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Welcome to Chemtrac Inc.

Since 1985, Chemtrac Inc. has been a leading manufacturer of process monitoring and control instruments used in water, wastewater, and other industrial processes. However, the company’s reputation and growth has been built around one mission – “RESULTS for the customer”. This will never change. We understand that our success depends on meeting and exceeding our customers expectations. With defined objectives and joint commitments, we will achieve the results you want.

Featured Products

HydroACT Series


The HydroACT analyzer offers a wide range of customizable capabilities to suit any user’s requirements: from a basic analyzer with a single sensor and analog output, to a more ...

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Particle Counter


The PC3400 is the first Particle Counter designed for use in drinking water treatment plants which has truly made the calibration process uncomplicated for the end user.

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Streaming Current Charge Analyzer

HydroACT with DURATRAC 4

The HydroACT Analyzer with DuraTrac 4 Streaming Current Sensor is Chemtrac’s most reliable and accurate Streaming Current Monitor, providing unique and versatile capabilities for optimizing coagulant...

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The UVP1000 portable UV254 monitor can quickly and accurately test UV 254nm in the field within minutes. The meter can provide test results in both UV transmittance (UVT) and UV absorbance (UVA). 

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Latest News

“Reagent-less” Chlorine Analyzers: Water Plants and Distribution Systems

“Reagent-less” Chlorine Analyzers: Water Plants and Distribution Systems

When the water treatment plant in Auburn, AL was looking for the ability to monitor chlorine in off-site locations, they did not want to have to deal with on-line analyzers that required reagents.

Keeping up with the Probe & Piston

Keeping up with the Probe & Piston

In order to get the most out of your Streaming Current analyzers, it is imperative to keep up with any maintenance needs for the probes and pistons. This means periodic cleaning, and eventual replacement. We have posted four new “How-to Videos” to help out when it is time to clean, or replace, the probe and piston.

Chemtrac Products Featured in January Issue of TPO

Chemtrac Products Featured in January Issue of TPO

A case history that was first introduced as a testimonial videoon our website, has nowlanded in print on the pages of TPO


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