Manufacturer’s Rep Plays Instrumental Role. Watch Video.

Chemtrac partners with Manufacturers’ Rep firms throughout the country, and Distributors throughout the world. This is a key way to have extensive geographical coverage, allowing for us to effectively reach customers all over…not only for sales, but also for customer support. Water Solutions Unlimited is one example of an exceptional firm, with knowledgeable reps, that we rely on to promote Chemtrac products.

Our reps are familiar with the local plants, and they establish personal relationships with their customers. They know our products, they know the applications, and they know when to offer Chemtrac analyzers as solutions.

The rep is there for the customer, and we are there for the rep. It’s all about teamwork.

It’s a symbiotic relationship: we rely on the reps to spread the word and introduce our products as viable and effective solutions; and they rely on us for providing high quality products to sell, ample technical training, and ongoing support.

We know that our brand’s reputation is on the line. We strive to find firms that will be an extension of our company and reflect our core values.

Watch the three-minute video that profiles how WSU acts as a value-added liaison between Chemtrac and the Green River Valley Water Plant in western Kentucky.

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