Particle Counter Sensor PC6

PC6 with HydroACT Series

The HydroACT analyzer offers a wide range of customizable capabilities to suit any user’s requirements: from a basic analyzer with a single sensor and analog output to a more comprehensive solution consisting of a controller with multiple sensors, several chemical feed control outputs, and digital communications (Modbus or PROFIBUS). Other optional features include analog and digital I/O, data logging, and remote access over LAN or GSM modem. The versatility of the HydroACT platform helps ensure a more affordable and flexible solution by allowing the user to purchase only the specific hardware and firmware components that they actually need while allowing for upgrades to be performed at a later time if application requirements happen to change. The HydroACT analyzer is available in three versions. Each version offers different levels of I/O capability.

  • Description

    The PC6 Particle Counter Sensor, when combined with a HydroACT analyzer, brings many of the same great features of Chemtrac’s stand alone models (i.e. PC3400 & PC4400) to the HydroACT family of analyzers. PC6 allows the user to integrate multiple particle detection sensors into one analyzer or mix and match with other measurements of water quality like pH, chlorine, and UV254 organics. The PC6 also comes standard with volumetric concentration (ppb) measurement capability. For those users who prefer a single channel readout, the concentration display provides a more familiar measurement format (ppb). Changes in ppb accurately illustrate the impact from changes in particle concentration and particle size distribution. Full integration between the sensor and analyzer means all sensor settings, including user-friendly calibration features, can be accessed from the HydroACT’s user interface. A larger flow cell helps make this sensor easier to clean, and also reduces overall installation footprint due to the more compact flow control weir design. The PC6 has many potential applications and can be used virtually anywhere that there is a concern of potential contamination in a clean liquid. For very low levels of suspended solids, particle counting is quite often a better alternative to other traditional measurements like turbidity and SDI. Contact Chemtrac to discuss your application and let us find the right solution for you.

    Standard Features

    • Parts-per-billion (ppb) measurment with detection down to 0.01 ppb
    • Counts particles in liquid from 2-750 microns
    • Sizes particles from 2-100 microns
    • Up to 6 user programmable size ranges
    • Reports cnts/mL, or cnts/100mL, ppb
    • User-friendly, menu driven calibration
    • Laser & cell condition readout (0-100%)
    • External sensor with sapphire optics
    • Available with HydroACT analyzer models 300, 600, and 1200

    Optional Features

    • Water Treatment
    • Wastewater Treatment
    • Reverse Osmosis Pretreatment
    • Membrane Filtration
    • Aquatics
    • Boiler/Condensate
    • Parts Washing
    • Food & Beverage
    • Pharmaceutical


    • Familiar volumetric concentration readout (ppb) for particles greater than 2 microns
    • Provides a reliable and accurate measurement of particles down to low ppt levels
    • Advanced firmware and menu functions eliminates need for external software to perform setup and calibration
    • User-friendly calibration routine makes the process fast and simple, and lowers maintenance cost
    • External sensor is easy to clean and water is kept away from electronics

  • Specifications

    Laser Type Solid-state laser diode (780nm)
    Cell Material Nituff coated aluminum
    PEEK plastic (optional)
    Viewing Windows Sapphire
    Detection Range 2-750 microns
    Sizing Range 2-100 microns
    ppb Range 0.01-10,000 ppb – calculated volumetrically for particles larger than 2 micron
    Flow Rate 75 mL/min
    Resolution Better than 10% at 10 micron (ASTM-F658)
    Coincidence Limit 8,000 cnts/mL (2 micron) 20,000 cnts/mL (optional)
    Signal to Noise Ratio  Better than 3:1
    Size Channels 6 user-selectable; each size channel counts as a parameter on HydroACT analyzers
    Alarms  Sensor diagnostic, low cell condition
    Laser Diode Life  MTBF 75,000 hours @ 55º C
    Measurement Type  Light obscuration, volumetric
    Display Readout Size channel, counts, parts-per-billion (ppb), cell condition (0-100%), laser condition (0-100%), sample period, sample frequency
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