• Duratrac 4 Streaming Current Sensor

  • HydroACT

  • PC3400 Liquid Particle Counter

Liquid Particle Counter

The PC3400 is the first Particle Counter designed for use in drinking water treatment plants that has truly made the calibration p...


Coagulant Charge Analyzer

The CCA is a laboratory unit that rapidly determines the appropriate coagulant dosage using a simple titration and streaming curre...


Laboratory Charge Analyzer Helps Save Time and Money

A WTP in North Carolina recently reduced their coagulant feed from 30 ppm to less than 10 ppm after purchasing and installing a Streaming Current Monitor (SCM) and Coagulant Charge...

GAWP’s Spring Conference and Expo

The Georgia Association of Water Professionals 2014 Spring Conference & Expo is scheduled for April 15 & 16, in Columbus, GA.  Mark Vandiver, Chemtrac’s Manager of Market D...

Not Just Streaming Current Measurement Anymore

Working closely with a major municipality in the southeast, Chemtrac, Inc. compared their new line of coagulation control instrumentation against their tried and proven Streaming C...

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