Lab and Online Charge Analyzers for Challenging River Water Coagulant Dosing

The water treatment plant in King, NC has a source water that is quite a challenge to treat. The Yadkin River can experience quick and substantial changes in turbidity (NTU) and organics (TOC). Subsequently the required chemical feed dosages can be significantly impacted in a short period of time....

WTP Prefers “Reagentless” Chlorine Analyzers

When the water treatment plant in Auburn, AL was looking for the ability to monitor chlorine in off-site locations, they did not want to have to deal with on-line analyzers that required reagents....

SC Water Treatment Plant Overcomes Challenges due to Epic Flood

In October, 2015, the city of Columbia, SC received about 24 inches of rain in 48 hours. Severe flooding occurred....

Laboratory Charge Analyzer with pH probe and Auto Titrator Demonstration

The new and improved Chemtrac Laboratory Charge Analyzer allows for optimum coagulant dosages to be determined in less than five (5) minutes....

Hickory, NC | Streaming Current Monitor Success Story

The Chemtrac SCM2500 Streaming Current Monitor is used to optimize coagultant feed at the City of Hickory North Carolina water treatment plant. The SCM2500 was selected to replace an existing on-line streaming current detector....

Hickory, NC | Coagulant Charge Analyzer Success Story

The CCA3100 has helped the WTP personnel to optimize their coagulant dosage. Essentially, a jar test can be run in less than 5 minutes. Chemical cost savings, and operator time savings, equals significant $ savings for the municipality....

Chemtrac CCA3100 Demo – Simple Jar Test

Raw water sample charge is determined using the CCA3100 Laboratory Charge Analyzer....

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