The HydroACT Chlorine Dioxide Analyzer standard configuration includes version HA2 analyzer, 1 sensor, 1 analog output, and 1 year
consumables. Optional features include relays, digital inputs, digital comms, expanded number of sensor inputs and analog outputs, color display, and data
download capability. Maximum I/O capabilities and certain features are specific to the different versions of HydroACT as detailed below.

HydroACT Features HA2 HA4 HA8
Sensor limit* 2 4 8
Analog output limit* 2 4 8
Relay limit* 4 8 16
Digital Input limit* 4 8 16
On/Off threshold control optional optional optional
Advanced control (e.g. PID) optional optional optional
Color display
Data logging and download
Remote (Internet) access optional optional
PROFIBUS, Modbus optional optional

*Optional configuration limits. See above description for standard configuration of analyzer version & I/O setup. Optional configurations must be specified.

Sensor Options Free Cl, Total Cl, Cl Dioxide, Chlorite,
Ozone, ORP, pH with Temperature, DO,
Conductivity, SCM, UV254 Organics,
TSS/NTU, Particle Counter
Available Output Types Universal (0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-10 VDC)
Relays (optional) SPST electromechanical relays rated for 380 VAC, 6A max.
Alarms & Thresholds: user-configurable alarms and 2 user-configurable thresholds (for control)
Chemical Feed Control (optional) HA4 & HA8 only – PID, Feed Forward, Flow Proportional, Timer – multiple loops
Communication (optional) Modbus ASCII/RTU (RS485), Modbus TCP (Ethernet), Profibus DP
Data Logging (optional) Customizable data logs. 1 million records can be logged internally, and downloaded to MicroSD card.
Enclosure ABS flame retardant, IP65, Nema 4X
Display 4.3”, 480×272, 24 bit, grayscale
Optional: color (HA4 & HA8 only)
Dimensions HA2 & HA4 – 9.0” W x 12.2” H x 4” D
(230 mm W x 309 mm H x 1035 mm D)
HA8 – 18.0” W x 12.2” H x 4” D
(460 mm W 309 mm H x 1035 mm D)
Weight HA2 & HA4 – 4.5 lbs (2 kg)
HA8 – 9 lbs (4 kg)
Warranty 12 months from date of purchase

Chlorine Dioxide Sensor Probe

Type Membrane-covered amperometric three-electrode system
Measured Chlorine Dioxide
Probe Ranges 0.01 – 2, 0.01 – 5, 0.01 – 10, or 0.01 – 20 mg/L
Resolution 0.01 mg/L (ppm)
Reproducibility ±5%
Stability -2% per month (without calibration)
Working Electrode Gold cathode
Counter Electrode Stainless steel anode
Reference Electrode Silver/silver halide
Flow Rate 15 to 60 L/hr.
Temperature Range > 41° up to < 113° F (> 5 up to < 45° C)
Temperature Compensation Automatically by integrated thermistor (ATC)
pH Range pH 2 – pH 11
Permissible Over-Pressure 7.25 psi (0.5 bar)
First Polarization Time 120 min.
Re-Polarization Time 30 min.
Zero-Point Adjustment Not necessary
 Calibration At the device, by analytical determination
 Housing Material PVC, silicone, polycarbonate, stainless steel
 Dimensions Diameter approx. 0.98 in., length 6.89 in.
Replacement Intervals
Membrane: Annually (approx.) depending on water quality
Electrolyte: 3 – 6 months depending on water quality
 Interferences Ozone and chlorine. Surfactants are partially tolerated

*Not suitable for measuring or controlling for dechlorination. Recommended to have a chlorine residual of at least 0.10 ppm at all times.

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