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HydroACT 1200

12 Measurement Transmitter

The HydroACT family of analyzers offers a wide range of capabilities to suit any user’s requirements: from a basic analyzer with a single sensor and analog output, to a more  comprehensive solution consisting of an analyzer with multiple sensors, several chemical feed control outputs, and digital communications ( Modbus or PROFIBUS). Other optional features include analog and digital I/O, data logging, and remote access via web server over LAN or GSM modem.

The HA1200 Coagulation Control System brings everything you could possibly need to the table for optimizing coagulant dosing. This controller brings together both Streaming Current and UV254 measurements in a single platform. Either or both measurements can be used as part of the control algorithm. If your coagulation is mostly driven by organics, then utilizing the UV 254 measurement as a primary control for coagulant feed is recommended, but the addition of the Streaming Current sensor gives you the extra assurance that the job of charge neutralization is actually getting done. And there is also an option for feedback control from a UV analyzer post filtration which can be used to optimize the streaming current setpoint as needed. pH, conductivity, and chlorine measurements can also be part of the measurement platform as the HydroAct 1200 is capable of accepting up to 12 parameters.

Standard Features

  • Capable of accepting twelve measurements
  • Capable of providing up to twelve analog outputs (all outputs PID capable)
  • Data log and system log
  • Color touchscreen with graphical trending
  • Isolated inputs and outputs

Optional Features

  • PID control capability
  • Remote internet access
  • Integrated modem with text alarms
  • Automatic sensor flush/cleaning
  • Modbus communication (RTU and TCP), or Profibus


  • PID control ensures reliable automatic control of coagulant dosing
  • Dependable automation for even non-continuous (batch) running processes
  • High-volume flow and sensor cleaning options minimize sensor fouling
  • Features specifically designed for the challenges of wastewater applications
Power Options 100-240 VAC, or 12 VDC
Display Options 5.7” touchscreen
Sensor Options Streaming Current, UV254, Free Cl, Total Cl, Cl Dioxide, pH, Ozone, ORP, DO, Conductivity, BioSense
Sensor Inputs 1 input with option to add 11 additional for total of 12 pH with Temp counts as 2 inputs
Digital Inputs 2 (e.g. low flow switch) with option to add 4 additional for total of 8
4-20mA Outputs 1 output with option to add 11 additional for 
total of 12 (750 ohm load) 
PID option will utilize 1 output
Relays 2 relays with option to add 12 additional for total of 14 (250 VAC, 8A / 30 VDC, 8A)
Comms Options Modbus (RTU, TCP), Profibus
Datalogging Minimum 4000 data points per channel without Micro SD card (Datalogging can be expanded with Micro SD card)
Eventlogging 4000 events
Graphing Last 400 logged data points
Expansion Slots 4
Micro SD Slot 1
Enclosure Nema 4X/IP65, ABS body, Polycarbonate lid
Dimensions 9.0” W x 9.3” H x 5.3” D (230 mm W x 237 mm H x 135 mm D)
Weight 4.4 lbs (2 kg)
HydroACT 1200 / Datasheets Version Languages Size Date
Coagulation Control System

Coagulation Control System

289.9 KiB 01/02/2014
HydroACT Series - Analyzer, Controller, Transmitter - Handout

HydroACT Series – Analyzer, Controller, Transmitter – Handout

1.8 MiB 01/12/2015
  • Video Testimonial: WTP Prefers “Reagentless” Chlorine Analyzers Posted on: 04/18/2017

    When the water treatment plant in Auburn, AL was looking for the ability to monitor chlorine in off-site locations, they did not want to have to deal with on-line analyzers that required reagents. Instead they turned to Chemtrac’s HydroACT Chlorine Analyzers which utilize amperometric probe sensors with membrane caps. By choosing the probe approach, the maintenance requirements, and subsequent maintenance costs, were reduced tremendously. And the plant also came to realize that not all chlorine probe analyzers are the same.

  • New Chlorine Analyzer Video Demonstration Posted on: 08/29/2016

    We at Chemtrac want our customers to better understand our products. We feel the next best thing to having an on-site demonstration of our analyzers is to be able to see a video demonstration…and become more aware of the product capabilities, and see the ease of set-up and operation.

  • Another Successful Showcase at ACE 2016 Posted on: 07/30/2016

    The Chemtrac team joined attendees at ACE 2016 in Chicago, IL to discuss the latest models of Streaming Current Monitors, Particle Counters, Chlorine Analyzers, and HydroACT multi-parameter analyzer.   The Laboratory Charge Analyzer, a bench-top streaming current unit, was the featured product.

    As mentioned previously, the LCA builds on the success and solid performance of its predecessor models (CCA3100, ECA2100 and ECAT2100), allowing for charge neutralization titrations to accurately determine target coagulant dosages for surface water treatment. Essentially, the LCA provides a way for conducting jar tests in less than five minutes, as opposed to the traditional methods that can take in excess of an hour to run.

  • Introducing Next Generation Products at ACE16 Posted on: 06/14/2016

    We will be introducing our two new series of products at the 2016 AWWA Annual Conference & Exposition in Chicago next week (June 19-22). Both the Laboratory Charge Analyzers, and the third-generation HydroACT multi-parameter analyzers, will be revealed and on display at our Chemtrac Booth (#1040) in the ACE Exhibit Hall.

  • Happy Birthday Chemtrac, Inc. — Thirty One-derful Years! Posted on: 05/05/2016

    We are happy to say that this month marks the 31st anniversary of Chemtrac, Inc. Founded in 1985 upon the release of a new Streaming Current Monitor, Chemtrac has come a long way and is now recognized as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Streaming Current Monitors and Particle Counters, as well as the provider of the HydroACT series of multi-parameter analyzers.

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