Each probe is equipped with a light source, a side detector for the nephelometric measurement of scattered light from the sample and a reference detector for monitoring the light output. The light source is a long-life IR LED emitter. This configuration allows accurate and reliable measurements of online turbidity and suspended solids to be made. Reliable calibration can be carried out using a single calibration with no need for a ‘zero’ adjustment.

The probes are constructed of stainless steel and sapphire so they can withstand demanding operating environments. An Autoclean system can be included to keep the optical surfaces clean, thereby reducing maintenance to a potential ‘maintenance-free’.

The online turbidity meter is suitable for dip monitoring and mounting in a de-bubbling flow cell.

The operating principle of the online turbidity meter is subject to a patent application and is unique in the way it handles the data it receives in order to calculate a zero, to calibrate and to derive the NTU (FNU) value from the readings.

The Chemtrac online turbidity meters are available with different HydroACT controller options, giving you the same great performance with different communication, display, and control capabilities.

Standard Features

  • Single point calibration – very easy to use
  • 0.001 resolution
  • Stable and reliable readings – excellent process control

Optional Features

  • Autoclean solid state optical sensor – no moving parts
  • Dip mount for a channel or tank
  • De-bubbling flow cell


  • Suitable for potable, waste and process waters between 0 NTU and 1000 NTU‘
  • Maintenance-free’ – low cost of ownership
  • No ‘zero’ required – improved accuracy at the low end
  • Up to 1 year between calibration – very little drift
  • Up to 10 bar – for inline operation
  • Automatic de-bubbling and bubble removal solutions – no interference from bubbles

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