The Chlorine Dioxide Analyzers can be used for whatever water applications where chlorine dioxide residuals need to be monitored and/or controlled. They consist of a HydroACT multi-parameter analyzer, a chlorine dioxide probe sensor, and a sample flow cell.

There are options for the HydroACT configurations depending on how many sensor inputs are necessary, output and communication needs, and control requirements.

Standard flow cells are for a single probe. There are also options for two and three probe flow cells.

Standard Features

  • Includes analyzer, chlorine sensor, flow cell, 1 analog output, 1 year consumables
  • Accurate chlorine dioxide measurement
  • No moving parts, no reagents
  • Event logging

Optional Features

  • Expandable sensor inputs and I/O
  • Color display and data-logging with microSD card download
  • Modbus or PROFIBUS communications
  • Chemical feed control capability (e.g. PID)


  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Easy set up and maintenance
  • Intuitive menu and programming functions

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