WQTC Exhibitor for Over 20 Years

Chemtrac was proud to exhibit at the 2014 Water Quality Technology Conference in New Orleans. A longtime supporter of WQTC, Chemtrac is one of just seven companies that have exhibited at this industry-leading technical conference for over 20 years.  At the booth they showcased the soon-to-be-released, new-and-improved bench-top charge analyzer (which will replace the CCA3100). The laboratory charge analyzers are used to quickly determine the optimum coagulant dosage, and minimize the need for jar testing. ...

Chlorine Analyzer Presentation Given at AWT Annual Conference in Texas

John Clark, Chemtrac VP & GM, presented a technical paper, Understanding On-line Amperometric Chlorine Measurements (pdf download),  at the 2014 AWT (Association of Water Technologies) Annual Conference and Exposition. The event was held October 28 thru November 1 at the Convention Center in Fort Worth, Texas....

Optimizing Coagulation at GRWA Fall Conference

The Georgia Rural Water Association Fall Conference is taking place at Lake Lanier Islands, October 26-29. Mark Vandiver will make a presentation highlighting the use of the Chemtrac CCA3100 Coagulant Charge Analyzer for optimizing coagulation in water treatment plants.The CCA3100 is a laboratory instrument that allows for coagulant dose determination in a much simpler and quicker fashion than using traditional jar tests. In fact, finding the appropriate dose can take less than five minutes....

Sponsor for Air Cooled Condenser Annual Meeting

Chemtrac was a sponsor for the 6th Annual Air Cooled Condenser Users Group (ACCUG) Meeting. The conference took place at the Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina, September 22-25. There were 140 attendees from 12 countries. Dr. Andrew Howell of Xcel Energy has acted as the director of the annual meeting since its inception, and the Host Sponsor for this year’s meeting was Calpine Corporation....

South Carolina Water Treatment Plant benefits financially from Chemtrac Training

A water treatment plant in Batesburg-Leesville, SC sponsored a Chemtrac Technical Training Program on April 10, 2014, for all operators and maintenance personnel.  Mark Vandiver, Chemtrac, Inc. conducted the training.A newly purchased Chemtrac SCM2500 Streaming Current Monitor (SCM) aids plant operators in determining the optimum coagulant dosages. And their lab pH meter helps determine the amount of caustic required for pH control. [blockquote align="right" cite="Utilities Director" color="" bcolor="" ]Mark’s approach and knowledge of the streaming current process along with the hands-on training was instrumental in stowing confidence in the water plants’ operations staff.  Now the SCM monitor is one of our primary operating tools for chemical feed equipment operations and plant flow adju...

Chemtrac Once Again Exhibits at SWCW

Earlier this month, Chemtrac exhibited at the 23rd Annual Southwest Chemistry Workshop (SWCW), at the Wyndham Bayside Hotel in San Diego, CA. There were 160 attendees, including approximately 100 chemistry and engineering related personnel from over 20 different power plants.On display were the PC4400 Particle Counter, the PM2500 Particle Monitor, and the HydroACT 600 multi-parameter analyzer with a Free Chlorine Sensor. Chemtrac is continuing to promote all of their products in the Power Industry, with a focus on the reverse osmosis (RO) pretreatment, and corrosion product transport monitoring applications....

Chemtrac to attend GAWP Annual Conference

At the Georgia Association of Water Professionals (GAWP) Annual Conference & Expo in Savannah, GA, July 20 -22, Chemtrac will exhibit a new line of automatic controllers for optimizing coagulation and filtration. Recognizing the growing concern for TOC and DBP reduction, Chemtrac’s new on-line analyzer offerings include a redesigned streaming current sensor (DuraTrac 4), UV 254 organics monitor, pH, free and total chlorine, particle detection, and biofilm sensors.  Complementing their new line of instruments and controllers, Chemtrac has state-certified training courses for all of their equipment, hosted by your facility, and fine tuned to your plant’s daily operations....

Chemtrac Visits China to Discuss Particle Counter Use in Power Plants

Joe Zimmerman, who leads Chemtrac’s sales efforts in the Power Industry, was recently invited to speak at a Condensate Polishing Conference in Xi’an, China. The meeting was held April 24 and 25, and was sponsored by the Thermal Power Research Institute (TPRI).In the last year, TPRI has used particle counters (PC3400 and PC4400) in studies at 10 different power plants.  So Joe’s presentation, “On-line Particle Counters in the Thermal Power Plant,” was of great interest to them. He covered utilizing particle detection in optimizing pre-RO filtration, monitoring corrosion product transport in the steam condensate cycle, and detecting resin leakage downstream of condensate polishers....

Laboratory Charge Analyzer Helps Save Time and Money

A WTP in North Carolina recently reduced their coagulant feed from 30 ppm to less than 10 ppm after purchasing and installing a Streaming Current Monitor (SCM) and Coagulant Charge Analyzer (CCA).  Prior to their purchase the plant ran numerous jar tests to determine optimum coagulant dose, but ultimately based their target dosage largely on plant history.  The plant would never reduce their coagulant dose below 24 ppm due to the concern of potential turbidity spikes in their source water, and the anticipated time it would take for the plant to recover from a turbidity excursion....

GAWP’s Spring Conference and Expo

The Georgia Association of Water Professionals 2014 Spring Conference & Expo is scheduled for April 15 & 16, in Columbus, GA.  Mark Vandiver, Chemtrac’s Manager of Market Development, will make a 30-minute presentation, Optimizing Coagulant Dosage Laboratory Charge Measurement, and discuss a simple alternative to jar tests. He will demonstrate how the CCA3100 Coagulant Charge Analyzer will allow an operator to determine target coagulant doses in less than five minutes, saving significant time compared to traditional jar testing. He will also report how the CCA provides continuity in results between operators by removing the subjective interpretation of jar testing.  The following data demonstrates the CCA’s performance compared to routine jar tests....

Not Just Streaming Current Measurement Anymore

Working closely with a major municipality in the southeast, Chemtrac, Inc. compared their new line of coagulation control instrumentation against their tried and proven Streaming Current Controller (which has been in use at this specific plant for the past couple of years).  Utilizing a Chemtrac HydroACT multi-parameter analyzer, they monitored streaming current, as well as key aspects of the raw water: turbidity, pH, and UV 254 organics....

DPD and HydroACT Comparison

DPD colorimetric measurement is highly regarded among municipalities as the preferred method for on-line chlorine analysis.  Recently however, EPA Method 334.0 established the criteria for approving alternative on-line chlorine instrumentation including amperometric probes.   Potential customers need to be aware that not all  amperometric probes perform acceptably under Method 334.0 standards.   HydroACT amperometric probes distinguish themselves among the rest by employing a patented and proven technology of a buffered electrolyte.   This technology permits HydroACT probes to operate over a much broader pH range and still provide reliable chlorine readings.  To demonstrate how their chlorine analyzer compares to on-line DPD measurement, Chemtrac partnered with several municipalities to pr...

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