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PC3 with HydroACT Series

The PC3 Particle Counter Sensor, when combined with a HydroACT analyzer, represents the most affordable option in Chemtrac’s family of Particle Counters where multiple sample monitoring points are required. For larger installations, 4 to 12 sensors (depending on number of size channels used) can be connected to a single HydroACT 1200 analyzer.

The PC3 Particle Counter Sensor, when combined with a HydroACT analyzer, represents the most affordable option in Chemtrac’s family of Particle Counters where multiple sample monitoring points are required. For larger installations, 4 to 12 sensors (depending on number of size channels used) can be connected to a single HydroACT 1200 analyzer. The HydroACT platform even allows the user to combine other measurements (like pH and chlorine) with particle counting, which helps reduce overall cost by reducing the number of analyzers. Full integration between the remote sensor and analyzer means all sensor settings, including user-friendly calibration features, can be accessed from the HydroACT’s user interface. The PC3 is an ideal choice for filter effluent and clean liquid monitoring applications where only 1 to 3 size channels of particle measurement are required. A larger flow cell helps make this sensor easier to clean, and also reduces overall installation footprint due to the more compact flow control weir design. For very low levels of suspended solids, particle counting is very often a better alternative to other traditional measurements like turbidity and SDI. Contact Chemtrac to discuss your application and let us find the right solution for you.

Standard Features

  • Counts particles in liquid from 2-750 microns
  • Sizes particles from 2-100 microns
  • Up to 3 user programmable size ranges
  • Reports total counts, cnts/mL, or cnts/100mL
  • User-friendly, menu driven calibration
  • Laser & cell condition readout (0-100%)
  • External sensor with sapphire optics
  • Available with HydroACT analyzer models 300, 600, and 1200

Optional Features

  • Water Treatment
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Reverse Osmosis Pretreatment
  • Membrane Filtration
  • Aquatics
  • Boiler/Condensate
  • Parts Washing
  • Food & Beverage
  • Pharmaceutical


  • Provides a reliable and accurate measurement of particles down to low ppt levels
  • Advanced firmware and menu functions eliminates need for external software to perform setup and calibration
  • User-friendly calibration routine makes the process fast and simple, and lowers maintenance cost
  • External sensor is easy to clean and water is kept away from electronics
Laser Type Solid-state laser diode (780nm)
Cell Material Nituff coated aluminum
PEEK plastic (optional)
Viewing Windows Sapphire
Detection Range 2-750 microns
Sizing Range 2-100 microns
Flow Rate 75 mL/min
Resolution Better than 10% at 10 micron (ASTM-F658)
Coincidence Limit 8,000 cnts/mL (2 micron) 20,000 cnts/mL (optional)
Signal to Noise Ratio Better than 3:1
Size Channels 3 user-selectable; each size channel counts as a parameter on HydroACT analyzers
Alarms Sensor diagnostic, low cell condition
Laser Diode Life MTBF 75,000 hours @ 55º C
Measurement Type Light obscuration, volumetric
Display Readout  Size channel, counts, cell condition (0-100%), laser condition (0-100%), sample period, sample frequency
PC3 / Operation Manuals Version Languages Size Date
HydroACT 600 & PC3 Manual

HydroACT 600 & PC3 Manual

7.5 MiB 10/14/2014
PC3 / Datasheets Version Languages Size Date
PC3 Data Sheet

PC3 Data Sheet

1.2 MiB 10/17/2013
  • Another Successful Showcase at ACE 2016 Posted on: 07/30/2016

    The Chemtrac team joined attendees at ACE 2016 in Chicago, IL to discuss the latest models of Streaming Current Monitors, Particle Counters, Chlorine Analyzers, and HydroACT multi-parameter analyzer.   The Laboratory Charge Analyzer, a bench-top streaming current unit, was the featured product.

    As mentioned previously, the LCA builds on the success and solid performance of its predecessor models (CCA3100, ECA2100 and ECAT2100), allowing for charge neutralization titrations to accurately determine target coagulant dosages for surface water treatment. Essentially, the LCA provides a way for conducting jar tests in less than five minutes, as opposed to the traditional methods that can take in excess of an hour to run.

  • Introducing Next Generation Products at ACE16 Posted on: 06/14/2016

    We will be introducing our two new series of products at the 2016 AWWA Annual Conference & Exposition in Chicago next week (June 19-22). Both the Laboratory Charge Analyzers, and the third-generation HydroACT multi-parameter analyzers, will be revealed and on display at our Chemtrac Booth (#1040) in the ACE Exhibit Hall.

  • Happy Birthday Chemtrac, Inc. — Thirty One-derful Years! Posted on: 05/05/2016

    We are happy to say that this month marks the 31st anniversary of Chemtrac, Inc. Founded in 1985 upon the release of a new Streaming Current Monitor, Chemtrac has come a long way and is now recognized as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Streaming Current Monitors and Particle Counters, as well as the provider of the HydroACT series of multi-parameter analyzers.

  • WWET Training on Particle Counts and Turbidity Posted on: 09/25/2015

    Chemtrac recently conducted a four-hour training class for Water Wastewater Education & Training (WWET), in Henderson, NV.  There were over 50 attendees from the local area. The group was mostly composed of operators from the City of Henderson, Las Vegas Valley Water District (LVVWD), Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA), and Southern Nevada Water Services (SNWS).

    The training was well received by those in attendance.  The WWET training coordinator, Brett Goodnow, had the following to say, “Chemtrac’s training was probably the best I have seen on those subjects. If found it very interesting that turbidity and particle counts do not always correlate. It was my impression that they would always complement each other. We had particle counters for years and now realize we did not fully understand their operating parameters, strengths and limitations.  Over the years we have had coagulation problems and filter performance issues that we could not figure out, but the information we received from your class really opened my eyes to some of those issues.”  

  • AWPCA Annual Conference in Huntsville Alabama, August 3-5 Posted on: 07/17/2015

    Chemtrac Inc will exhibit and present at the AWPCA (Alabama Water and Pollution Control Association) Annual Conference in Huntsville Al, August 3-5 2015.  Presentations include an “Update on Laboratory Charge Measurement and Advances in Streaming Current Measurement” along with “Mythbusting Filter Performance with Particle Counters and Turbidimeters. 

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